S/W Renewal Section

Software Renewals Guide


The Software Renewals facility allows you to enter and store all relevant existing and new information of licensing & maintenance products. 

A central location to track licensing information with the knowledge that a reliable automated registration reminder in the form of an  Official Quotation will be posted on the website 30 days prior to expiry of entry.


This will ensure that your licensing & maintenance requirements remain valid and up to date in and always in a secure environment.




Software renewals entering / editing procedure

Go to www.ao3.com.au and log-in using your unique Ao3 registration

Select "Software Renewals" on the Member Tools section


Click on "Add Item"

Complete fields with accurate information for future reference

Select Expiry date to prompt Software Renewal Reminder and Quotation approaching the renewal date

Click on "Add Item" to add details of further licensing products


Click on “Edit” at any stage to alter details


You will be forwarded an email to confirm that the details have been added to the Software Renewals facility.


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