Multi user Guide
The Ao3 website offers the optional facilities to have Multi User accounts for each Organisation. It is our aim to structure the website registrations in the most suitable way for your organisation. Below we have listed the available options. We would like to encourage you to look at the details below and inform us of the most suitable structure accordingly.

Option 1 - Multi User Accounts

The first available option is to have Multi User Accounts whereby one registration log-in is assigned a "Primary Account Login" status. Subsequent registrations are listed as a "Child Account Login". The "Primary Account Login" registration has access to all details concerning quotations and orders for all Child Account Logins as well as quotes and orders processed under the Primary Account Login. The Child Account Login registrations can only access details concerning quotations and orders that were posted in regards to that particular Child Account login.

The Multi User Account option is typically appropriate where there is one person with overall authority in regards to purchasing that will require access to all quotations and orders for the organisation, and where other people will also require involvement in some purchasing decisions but will only require access to details of those quotations and purchases that have been processed by their own login.

It is possible to make the "Primary Account Login" registration details available to multiple personnel to enable all appropriate personnel access to all details concerning all quotations and orders.

How to add secondary "Child Account Logins"  (Multi User Accounts)

Login to the Primary Account registration at www.ao3.com.au
Click "Edit Profile" under the "Member Tools" section
Add Alternate Login details into the appropriate fields, creating a new log-in name and password
Click Submit

Option 2 - Individual User Accounts

The second available option is to have Individual User Accounts each with "Primary Account Login" status and each with their own unique registration login and password details. This will restrict access to details to quotations and orders to each individual log-in and will not allow one account to the see the quotations / log-ins processed by the other log-ins.

The Individual User Accounts option is typically appropriate where an organisation has multiple locations, divisions or personnell that handle purchasing seperate to each other.

Additional Individual User Accounts can be implemented by simply going to www.ao3.com.au, click "Register Here" and enter new log-in details.
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