Buy HITACHI Hitachi Ultrastar A7K1000 1TB. Buy internationally from an official distributor in Australia, United States of America and the United Kingdom. Site: com.au / .com / .co.uk - cheap prices and all of the highest quality.
Product Name: Hitachi Ultrastar A7K1000 1TB
Category: Retail | RETAIL
Description: Hitachi Ultrastar A7K1000 1TB
Manufacturer: HITACHI
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Product Code:  0A34792

$97.00 Inc GST
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Hitachi Australia Company Profile
Over 30 years, the Hitachi Group of Companies have provided Australian industry and consumers with award winning products & services in the areas of Air conditioning systems for home and business Automotive components, used in Australia's most favoured family cars Consumer Electronics, Home Entertainment and Home Appliance Products Technology, products and services for energy generation, construction, mining and transport multimedia & computer tech Semiconductors and devices for Australian manufacturers of electronic products The combined revenue of the Hitachi Group companies is well in excess of $500m annually and the
Group provides employment to more than 500 Australians across the country. Hitachi in Australia readily embraces its responsibility as a corporate citizen and the breadth of our investment & involvement in local community affairs through out the country is a true measure of our commitment to Australia.

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