Buy SEAGATE SAVVIO 15K.2 146GB SAS 16MB 2.5IN. Buy internationally from an official distributor in Australia, United States of America and the United Kingdom. Site: com.au / .com / .co.uk - cheap prices and all of the highest quality.
Product Name: SAVVIO 15K.2 146GB SAS 16MB 2.5IN
Category: Retail Technology And Mobility | Miscellaneous
Description: SAVVIO 15K.2 146GB SAS 16MB 2.5IN
Manufacturer: SEAGATE
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Product Code:  ST9146852SS

$234.00 Inc GST
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SEAGATE Australia Company Profile
In 1979 Seagate was founded & was the first company to build 5.25-inch hard disc drives for the PC - Wwhile it may have seemed like a minor milestone at the time, today this hard disc drive introduction is regarded as one event that helped fuel the PC revolution. Suddenly, people could access unprecedented amounts of information, which ventually gave rise to the Internet and other developments.for nearly a quarter of a century, Seagate has been developing the technology and manufacturing the products that helped make it all happen - 25 years later, the world runs on information. Every time you access the Internet, use an ATM, watch TV, listen to digital music, enjoy a movie with computer-generated special effects, or use a consumer-electronics device, you access and share large amounts of digital information on disc drives -- the core of Seagate's business.


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