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How to Register


How to register online for your Ao3 Login and special Pricing Category


We encourage you to register for your own www.ao3.com.au login at the earliest opportunity. As soon as the log-in registration is completed, you will be provided with emailed confirmation of log-in details that will offer an improved pricing structure as well as an individual on-line profile.


To register, please click “Register Here” in the top right hand corner of the www.ao3.com.au home page. Complete the form ensuring that the “Required information” data fields have entries. The information provided remains confidential and will allow us to determine the appropriate pricing structure for you or the organization that you represent. If you are an employee of an organisation already registered, it is important to notify your designated Project Manager as they will assign extra levels of discounts associated with your employer.


By registering you will gain an improved pricing structure; the ability to have on-line quotations; access to your online order history facility; details of Software Renewals; Current Promotions and other facilities restricted to www.ao3.com.au registration members only.




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