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How to order


How to order

Orders can be submitted to Ao3 Independent Computer Search Pty Ltd in one of three ways:

1. Online, through the “24/7” web based shopping facility www.ao3.com.au .

2. Emailed order to your designated Project Manager directly or email through to the general Sales Department on orders@a03.com.au .

You will be required to register online prior to ordering. For further assistance you can use the online “Help Centre” at www.ao3.com.au or contact the Sales Department on 02 9439 4700.



Purchase orders should include the following details:


Company Name / Name of person to be invoiced
Main Contact Details
Order Reference Number
Delivery Address
Landline Telephone number and Fax, Mobile contact number if required
Product Description of ordered product(s)
Quantity level of ordered product(s)
Sale Price of ordered product(s)
Special Delivery instructions


If you would like to discuss your intended purchase or search requirement, please contact the Sales Department on 02 9439 4700 or sales@a03.com.au or contact your assigned Project Manager for assistance. To avoid confusion please inform the operator if you have registered at www.ao3.com.au


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