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Back Order Report - Estimated Time of Arrivals ( ETA’s)

How to Use A03 Online Tracking Back Order Facilities

Go to your organization’s individual A03 Online Tracking Facility Web Page. If you are not aware of the URL for this please contact your A03 Project Manager for further details.


View all current and recent orders with full and appropriate details including Purchase Order Number; Product Description(s); Manufacturer's Codes; Delivery Address; ETA and Date of Shipment.


The date listed represents the ETA of when the good(s) are expected to arrive at the listed delivery address.

If the date listed is preceded by "Shipped" the good(s) have been confirmed as having shipped and are expected to arrive imminently.


If you find an item where the ETA date has passed but the item line does not say "Shipped", please notify your Project Manager who will investigate accordingly and provide appropriate details.


"In-NPS" listed in the ETA column represents those goods which are In Stock but are waiting to be issued due to being part of a “No Part Shipment” order.

If you identify any errors in the details provided, please inform your Project Manager who will investigate accordingly.



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