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- I appreciate what you have done.

- Customer service is great.

- Managed to track it down, thanks bud love your work.

- Thank you for the superfast delivery.

- I'm really glad you had the item I was looking for. More people should be using this site!

- Thank you for the excellent customer service!

- Great, thanks, your follow up was appreciated.

- Your team have put a tremendous amount of effort into quoting for this upgrade and you have my word that I will endeavour to pass as much of our future IT purchases through AO3 as

- Thank you - that is very kind of you. I will certainly keep your website in mind next time I'm shopping in the tech arena.

- Thank you for following this up with me and your offer.

- Appreciated your time on this issue.

- Thanks Rob for clarifying..

- Thank you for your understanding and generosity.

- That is fantastically nice of you, thank you very much. I shall certainly be coming back to your site when shopping for components.

- Appreciate the gesture, Thanks.

- Thanks, Much appreciated and make my job easier.

- Thanks again for your assistance throughout this process.

- That will be great thankyou.

- All looking good now.

- Thanks, I will use your service in the future.

- Thanks.

- That's great. Thanks for that.

- Thanks - I appreciate it. I've now just placed an order...

- Hi, I appreciate what you have done.

- Thanks a lot.

- Thanks, I will use your service in the future.

- Thanks for your help on this.

- Thanks, that sounds great.

- Thanks for taking the time for this.

- Thank you for your pro-active enquiry.

- thanks for all the support. Much appreceiated.

- Many thanks for all your help.

- Managed to track it down, thanks bud love your work

- Thanks for the fast reply.

- Thanks.

- Thank you very much. Just received. Thanks you for your prompt reply.

- Thanks, works a charm!

- Many thanks.

- Thank you for your prompt reply. - I really appreciate it.

- Great Service.

- Appreciate your advice.

- Thanks. You set us in the right direction.

- Received in good order - excellent - Many thanks.

- Thank you very much for your excellent help.

- Great news! Thanks for following-up on this, and for your perseverance throughout the problems we've had with it.

- I'm pleased with the experience of dealing with you.

- Thank you for your excellent help.

- Thanks.

- All good thanks a heap for your efforts anyway - you defiantly went above and beyond and will be the first place I go for my next order.

- Ps. This was the first time I have enquired with AO3 and I have been impressed with your personal service. I look forward to using your services in the future.

- Not sure if I've said thanks yet, but thank you so much for that, made my life much easier.

- Magic-thanks.

- Thanks for your assistance!

- Very happy with the purchase. Thank You.

- I appreciate you getting straight back to me.

- Thanks :) you're a Champ!

- It came in today - Ao3 is A OK !

- I'm very happy with your quality service.

- Thanks.

- Thanks for that.

- Thank you.

- Thanks for your help.

- Fabulous service. Congratulations on a great business. Will recommend you.

- Thanks for checking in and for your prompt responses when quotes are required.

- Many thanks for your help.

- I like Ao3 and will be back!

- Thanks for that.

- Very good service,

- Thank you.

- Thank you for your response below, this is very highly appreciated.

- Many thanks. I will place order online.

- I received my order today. Thank you.

- Thanks, appreciate it.

- Many thanks for this, appreciate your assistance.

- Thank you for following this up.

- Hey, just wanted to say thanks everyone for your help! Awesome and hope to do a lot more business!

- Many thanks for this update.

- Thanks for your prompt reply.

- Many thanks for your efforts.

- I must commended you for going out of your way in trying to help us.

- I will keep checking your web page again in the future.

- That's great, thank you. Thanks for your follow-up on this - great service.

- Thanks Robert. I've found the service from Ao3 really wonderful.

- All is fine. Site is very easy to navigate.

- I have had many requests lately which have been attended to very quickly.

- I would recommend Ao3, you provide a good service at a reasonable price.

- We received the package in good order and was very pleased with your telephone customer service.

- Great, well done, I owe you a beer....

- Thanks for your help, Again, I appreciate your help in helping correct my error.

- Thank you very much - I have good experience with A03. I will let you know if I need anything.

- Thanks for your help.

- Thank you for your prompt delivery of the order we placed with you over the website address.

- Thank you.

- Good service !

- Much appreciated.

- Great stuff, thanks Mate.

- Thanks very much for that - It is greatly appreciated.

- Thank you for all you have done.

- I meant to do this a few weeks ago but never got round to it. I want to thank and the team at A03 for your help with my order. The customer service is great and the postage time was
fantastic, I was surprised to see it so soon. Thank you for all your help, I'll definitely consider A03 for purchases in the future.

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